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Visionary. Feminist. Goddess Artist. Writer. Activist.

A warm welcome to the official website of Monica Sjöö, created to celebrate her life, work and extraordinary art. 
This website has been created by the estate of Monica Sjöö in response to many requests to share her remarkable legacy of paintings and writings.

Monica Sjöö (1938-2005) was one of the foremost artists of our times. She was also an author, poet and pioneer feminist scholar, as well as a lifelong activist for peace, pagans, women, social justice, the environment and her beloved Mother Earth.

May this online memorial allow old and new friends to appreciate the rich variety of her work and be inspired by the haunting beauty of images which can take us across dimensions of time and space!

We hope you'll enjoy exploring the magic of Monica's art, her thought provoking writings and some memories of her life.


Blessed Be!

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